Go Figure

Perhaps attitude is everything.  Perhaps mind over matter really does work.  Perhaps all it takes is a change in mood.  And perhaps one song can do the trick.

As my mother and I headed over to Georgetown, the afternoon’s goal was to find me a new pair of jeans. For many of us “Baby Got Back” girls this can be a frustrating effort, it certainly has been throughout my life, especially being 5’3″ as well.  Add to that a little more baby weight and a little less yoga and the task seemed daunting at best and truly hateful at worst.

Though I was enjoying the beautiful day walking around D.C. with my mom, my mood was one of low expectations.  My skepticism only grew as my mom innocently suggested we check out the sale at American Apparel.  While I respect the ‘Made in the USA’ label of the company, I have long known that the apparel is for Americans of a much slighter and taller build than this Boston girl has ever possessed.  And that’s ok, it just compounded my  belief that I would not be strutting home in a new pair of jeans.

We walked in and manoeuvering the stroller amid the tight layout of retro clothes did nothing to assuage my concerns.  And just as I was starting to feel my patience waver, the music changed and it was like a cool breeze blew through the boutique. I am fairly sure that the young, hip staff minding the store were my daughter’s age when P.M.Dawn was making music and they certainly betrayed no knowledge of the song that proved so soothing for this cranky mom.  But they gave me a friendly smile as I visibly let go of my stress and started grooving to “Looking Through Patient Eyes”, a gentle and complex song with a great beat.

In the very talented company of De La Soul and A Tribe Called Quest, P.M. Dawn was an early practitioner of the melding of Hip-Hop, R&B and Rap, accompanied by the sampling of some very excellent pop tunes. They were definitely the most mellow, with sweet mixes to soothe the savage mom, a task which I never envisioned necessary when I heard their first single, “Set Adrift on Memory Bliss”, so many years ago.

And just like with all good music, it holds up all these years later.  We walked out of American Apparel in a light, happy mood bound for another throwback to my youth, Urban Outfitters, and found a great pair of jeans. That fit.  Perfectly.  Skinny jeans. That fit.

Mind – no, music – over matter.  Go figure.

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